Dear Friends:

I seem to be asked the same question by most people at the moment. “Are you settling in?”  Now it’s a perfectly reasonable question to ask, as we have just moved in.  The answer to the question is yes, I think that we are settled.  The boxes are unpacked, and those that are not, are hidden away in the loft where they can’t be seen.  Which is fine until we realise that the very thing we need is right at the back of the loft!

I’m sure that many of you have moved home at some point.  We have moved a few times.  When we moved from Liverpool to Dover around 10 years ago we made a mistake.  We simply emptied the contents of one loft into another.  We brought with us all the rubbish and useless things that we really didn’t need any more and we kept it all.  It made the next move much harder as we had to sort through a tremendous number of boxes to decide what we needed and what we did not.  Even moving from Trowbridge to Thornbury, we had to ask what we should keep and what we should throw away.

There is a lovely passage in the book of Revelation, which described the vision of the New Heaven and the New Earth, the New Jerusalem.  All the familiar things were being transformed, and the voice of the Lord saying; “See I am making all things new!”  It is, of course a vision of the end times but also something which happens daily; God’s work of recreation, making all things new.  The old is passing away, being transformed.

We must ask if we willing to allow God to transform all that we are as a church?  Are we willing for him to transform what we have been into something new?  It’s a bit like clearing out the loft. What do we,as a church, need to hang onto, and what do we need to let go of?  If we offer all that we are and all that we have to God then it can be transformed by Him into something new.  Let us not be seen as something old, something which is no longer needed.  But may we see God working through us ‘making all things new.’

With every blessing,