A brief history of the Church & Youth Centre

There has been a Methodist Church in Filton since the first half of the 19th century initially meeting in the loft of a carpenter's shop.  In July 1832 an agreement was made between the carpenter and a preacher from the Ebenezer Wesleyan Society at Old King Street, Bristol, which resulted in the building of a chapel 35 feet long by 16 feet wide.  This chapel served the Methodist community in Filton for nearly 100 years. By 1916 it was felt larger and more modern premises were needed and with the help and encouragement of members of Old King Street and Bishopston Chapels the new chapel situated at the top of Southmead Road was opened in 1925.  (This is now owned by Cannon a Security firm, before this it was briefly used by the Jaguar Enthusiasts Club, with the previous occupant being the Filton Library that is now situated in new premises on the Shield Retail Centre).  Not long after 1925 a need was felt to enlarge the premises or build a new chapel retaining the existing building as a hall.  A site was found on the corner of Elm Park and money-raising activities began.  The war intervened in 1939 soon after which road widening caused difficulties for the proposed enlarging of the chapel.  The problems were resolved when the Bristol Methodist Council decided with the agreement of the Trustees of Old King Street Chapel that the compensation for the demolition of Old King Street Chapel in connection with the development of the Broadmead shopping area, should be used to build the present Church at Elm Park, designed by the architect J Ralph Edwards.

Meanwhile the Youth Club which had been meeting since 1942 under the leadership of Alf James with his wife Rene, had grown big enough to warrant moving into the Charborough Road hut.  Its continued growth led to plans for a new development.  In 1962 the whole community was deeply shocked when Alf and 10 members and friends of the Club died in a minibus accident.  Following this shattering experience, the present Youth Centre adjacent to the Church became a reality in 1966 and still continues to serve the young people in the local community.